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The BroBrush

What is the BroBrush? Looking to soften and untangle those annoying beard hairs that won't listen? As odd as it may sound, The BroBrush is made to take your hair and beard style to the next level. By using negative ion heating technology, the BroBrush will SAFELY give you that sexy and soft beard look your girl has been dreaming of. It heats up to 380 Degrees farenheit, but since it uses ion heating technbology, it won't damage your hair or cause split ends. Safe, Soft results, and studly looks? I think that is it! Made for the bearded brothers that have a beard about 1 inch in length or longer, that want a godly appearance 24/7. the straightness of your beard will last until...

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How to Grow a Thick Beard Quickly!

Congratulations! You are finally joining The Bearded Brother Community by trying to grow that manly beard! Growing a beard is definitely not easy or controllable, but you can improve the process. Whether you can grow a beard or not, it all comes down to your genetics, just like your hair type, eye color and height. Unfortunately, we cannot choose to have the biggest and baddest beard, which we know sucks, but sometimes it just requires some patience for it to keep growing and developing. Keep in mind that everyone you see with a marvelous beard weren't just born with it. Some are lucky and have a full beard by their teens, and some should be called patchy the pirate. There comes a...

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