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How to Grow a Thick Beard Quickly!

Congratulations! You are finally joining The Bearded Brother Community by trying to grow that manly beard! Growing a beard is definitely not easy or controllable, but you can improve the process. Whether you can grow a beard or not, it all comes down to your genetics, just like your hair type, eye color and height. Unfortunately, we cannot choose to have the biggest and baddest beard, which we know sucks, but sometimes it just requires some patience for it to keep growing and developing. Keep in mind that everyone you see with a marvelous beard weren't just born with it. Some are lucky and have a full beard by their teens, and some should be called patchy the pirate.

There comes a time for some when all of the products, tools, and patience simply outsmart genetics. Now, to improve the growth of your beard, their are some natural and safe remedies that you can do to improve the growth process. A lot of people like the old trick of rogaine, but it drys your skin out and can damage it. 

No matter what type of beard you have, The Beard Boys will always support you in your journey to grow a fuller, thicker, and longer beard.  This isn’t a fun realization to have, but just because you can’t grow the most epic beard of all time doesn’t mean you still can’t be part of the bearded brothers community! 

The Beard Boys

What Helps Your Beard Grow?

We know how difficult it is to be patient when you want to improve the length and thickness of your beard. Everyday feels as long as a week, and when that one person says "You should shave" you want to go Hulk Mode. Here are some tips that can improve your beard game:

  1. Boost your testosterone naturally by eating the correct healthy foods and by exercising on a regular basis. This will increase your testosterone levels and promote hair growth.
  2. Try supplements such as Fish Oils, which improve the shine and health of your hair. 
  3. Try remedies to help reduce your day-to-day stress, because we all know that stress does nothing but harm.
  4. Stay away from drugs. many drugs destroy your hair follicles and stop the healthy growth process of your hair and beard.

Many bearded brothers like to use Beazrd Oils and Beard Balms in order to nourish and take care of their beard. Beard Oil will help to promote a natural shine and finish and soften your skin hidden under your hairs. No woman likes a man with a dirty and unkept beard, but thanks to the beard gods that invented beard oil, you can now nourish your beard with natural ingredients to promote a healthy growth, a natural shine, and reduce itching in your beard. Beard Balm is more for our longer bearded brothers in order to get a medium hold and solid shine. Real men take care of their beard!

The Beard Boys